Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Traffic Comparison of all LCCs (Low Cost Carriers) of India

With the Online travel gaining popularity, the run is after catching the maximum number of visitors on a website. Similar to the footfalls in a Retail Store, the websites compete each other in gathering these internet users. This, basically, helps in two ways:

1. More visitors and even lesser conversion would still mean better earnings.
2. More visitors would help in attracting advertisers too.
Online Marketing unheard of earlier is an area of specialisation and claims a separate operational division in an organisation.

The Online travel gained pace 3-4 yrs back with the advent of Low Cost Carriers in India which worked principally through the internet. Although Online spending is still low (as compared to the offline) for an LCC, but the business is 100% online!

The first pioneer being Air Deccan in the LCC arena, others followed. Today, there are 4 LCCs fully operational and constantly sharpening their knives for the cut-throat competition. Jet Airways branded its new acquisition of Air Sahara as "Jet Lite" into the Low Cost segment. This has increased the strength of LCCs by 1 and reduced the FSCs (Full Service Carriers) by the same number.
The air travel in India is majorly LCC driven and possess almost 40% of the market share. This share is bound to increase with more sectors being added to the network of an airline. The LCC, which still operate on limited sectors would increase their area of operation and this shall, undoubtedly, boost their market share. Further, regular improvisation of the strategies and services would also help in building more and cutting on some of the FSCs share of the pie too.

While all LCCs operate Online, even the FSCs are looking forward to getting their business shifted to the Online methodology rather than the old brick and mortar style. With more and more Online Travel companies like Makemytrip.com, Yatra.com and Cleartrip.com, things are becoming easier for all - the traveller, the Supplier and the retailer. But this is essentially choking down the businesses of the Offline Travel Agents who percieve this as a threat. The bigger ones, however, would shift to being online. An example is ezeego1.co.in which is the Online identity for Cox & Kings.

Check out more such comparison graphs on Alexa.

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Dinesh Arora said...

Thanks for your nice comparrision it really help to know about the LCC's how they are difrent from FSC. What is the future of LCC.